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Are you a worker injured in a motor vehicle collision?

You may have a choice on how to obtain compensation for your injuries.

If you are a worker injured as a result of someone else’s negligence, and the negligent party is not  an employer or another worker acting in the course of their employment (i.e. protected by the Workers Compensation Act), then you can claim compensation from WorkSafeBC (as a worker) or start a law suit against the negligent person. This is called an “election” and this page discusses how you can use this process for your benefit.

If the potential defendant is a worker or employer acting in the course of employment, then you do not have a choice. The Worker’s Compensation Act legally requires you to seek worker’s compensation through WorkSafeBC.

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WorkSafeBC WCB Lawyer Victoria BC

What does HOM charge for WorkSafeBC / WCB cases?

Our firm charges a standard hourly rate plus applicable taxes and expenses. The hourly rate will range based on the experience of the lawyer you hire to work on your case from $275 per hour to $450 per hour. In general, your bill should cost roughly the same regardless of the experience of the lawyer as the more experienced lawyer should take less time than a less experienced lawyer. Your end product should always be excellent.

Expenses depend upon the case and the need for evidence. They can range from straightforward office expenses of file opening fees, faxes, photocopying, printing, and courier expenses to more technical expenses such as court filing and service fees, clinical records, and expert report fees. Any expense that is going to cost more than $200 such as an expert report will be discussed with the client beforehand.

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