Civil Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Litigation refers to the process of pursuing or defending a lawsuit brought on by or against any individual. Hutchison Oss-Cech Marlatt handles Exclusively Civil Litigation, which refers to claims that are not criminal in nature. Our lawyers will also handle quasi-criminal matters, such as environmental offences and the like.

There are a limitless variety of causes of action, or reasons allowing one to litigate. These include personal injury, breach of contract, wrongful dismissal, damage to property or economic interest and assault, to name a few.

Damages usually are sought in terms of financial compensation but may include the requirement that one party do or refrain from a particular activity.

Financial compensation is often sought for pain and suffering or calculable economical loss (including legal or medical expenses, wage loss, future income loss, future care costs or loss of opportunity).

The Plaintiff

From a plaintiff’s perspective (the person suing), losses may come about as a result of a business relationship, employment, an accident, negligence or an intentional infliction of harm. The general principal of compensation is to replace, to the best extent possible, what has been lost or damaged.

The Defense

From a defence perspective, especially in business, there will occasionally be a lawsuit which may name you as one of the defendants. The claim may have no merit or may include a defendant who is only marginally involved in the matter.

In any case, a proper defence will be required to ensure that justice is done and that uninvolved parties or persons who have acted responsibly are not be held accountable for damages.

Hutchison Oss-Cech Marlatt has extensive experience with all aspects of Civil Litigation. Our team has the knowledge and skill to successfully pursue and defend litigation claims through trial and alternative dispute resolution. Contact us to see how we can help.