Offleashed Victoria Gala sign

Animals in the Victoria area rely on the BCSPCA every day. At the BCSPCA, the city’s most vulnerable animals get the care and attention they need. Not only do they provide a home for the homeless, the BCSPCA is a critical support network that organizes pet food banks, emergency boarding assistance, outreach services, veterinary care, wildlife rehabilitation, and adoptions. On top of that, the BCSPCA takes on an important role as a leader and educator in the community, offering summer camps and school programs for children.

As an organization funded almost entirely by donations from the public, the BCSPCA relies upon the community to power the incredible work they do. Thousands of animals are helped every year, fueled by the generosity of everyday people. That’s why Hutchison Oss-Cech Marlatt was proud to both sponsor and attend Offleashed Victoria 2023 at the Fairmont Empress on September 23rd.

attending Offleashed Victoria Gala

With the help of Offleashed Victoria, we were able to take part in a magical evening, make a real difference for animals in Victoria, and support the BCSPCA’s mission work. Plus, the gala was a blast.

There was a 3-course dinner and drinks in the stunning Fairmont Empress event hall, a Cuddle Lounge with BC SPCA animal ambassadors, and live presentations from experts that provided an inside look at the BCSPCA’s work. There was even a live auction with exciting prizes like ‘An unforgettable Tofino Retreat’, ‘Wild Arc Intern for a Day’, ‘A Romantic Evening in Victoria’ and more.

But perhaps the best part of Offleashed Victoria 2023 was being surrounded by fellow animal lovers, united with the mission to raise money and improve the livelihood of vulnerable animals in Victoria.

puppy at Offleashed Victoria

Be sure to check out the gallery of photos from that special night for the BCSPCA: Photo Gallery from Offleashed Victoria 2023.

See you in 2024!

Learn more about Offleashed Vancouver 2023, happening on October 21st at the JW Marriott Parq Vancouver.

human right law - lady justice desk statue

It is often said that there are no rights unless there is a remedy for the breach of that right. In British Columbia, the BC Human Rights Code sets out rights of individuals to be protected from discrimination in a variety of different settings, including employment, housing, and services generally available to the public.

Discrimination occurs when an individual suffers an adverse consequence that is related to a protected characteristic (e.g., race, gender, disability, religion, or family status). Most people are capable of identifying at least on a superficial level whether they have suffered discrimination. However, people have trouble identifying are the available remedies under the Human Rights Code for discrimination. In this blog post, we hope to identify some of the common remedies sought from the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal. Read more