How Much Does a WorkSafeBC / WCB Lawyer Cost?

WorkSafeBC WCB Lawyer Victoria BC

What does HOM charge for WorkSafeBC / WCB cases?

Our firm charges a standard hourly rate plus applicable taxes and expenses. The hourly rate will range based on the experience of the lawyer you hire to work on your case from $275 per hour to $450 per hour. In general, your bill should cost roughly the same regardless of the experience of the lawyer as the more experienced lawyer should take less time than a less experienced lawyer. Your end product should always be excellent.

Expenses depend upon the case and the need for evidence. They can range from straightforward office expenses of file opening fees, faxes, photocopying, printing, and courier expenses to more technical expenses such as court filing and service fees, clinical records, and expert report fees. Any expense that is going to cost more than $200 such as an expert report will be discussed with the client beforehand.

If your case requires an expert report then we will discuss the various options available to you. Some cases can be moved forward with a simple report from a treating physician whereas other cases require a specific specialist to prepare a persuasive report to reply to medical advisors at WorkSafeBC. We have experience selecting and scrutinizing medical reports and evidence so part of our value comes from this experience.

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How long does a WorkSafeBC / WCB Case take?

The amount of time required on any case varies significantly depending on the work we are instructed to do. Some clients want our input on every decision made and want us communicating with officers at WorkSafeBC directly. Others prefer to wait until they have a decision to challenge and hire us when they wish to seek a review, appeal or judicial review.

Some of our clients have cases spanning several years because that is how long it takes to correct flawed decisions or for their injuries to be fully assessed by WorkSafeBC. We can say that on average, review division submissions can take approximately 7 hours of work, while preparing for a WCAT oral hearing can take approximately 11 hours of work. The expenses vary depending upon the actual evidence required.

Does HOM offer contingency on a WorkSafeBC / WCB case?

Our firm does not offer contingency services on WorkSafeBC / WCB cases because of the nature of these types of claims. The types of permanent wage loss awards available to injury workers are usually paid in monthly awards or in small lump sum awards. The administrative cost of a worker paying the firm a percentage of their award for the remainder of their working life is both unfair and unworkable.

We promise you that if at any point in your case it becomes clear that your legal fees and expenses are worth spending then we will let you know.

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