How Much Does An Employment Lawyer Cost?

Employment Lawyer

The fees vary based on the service or issue. For example, if you want a contract reviewed or drafted then the expense will differ from representation in a wrongful dismissal or human rights claim. The process starts with a free consultation. In this consultation we can usually identify likely options to deal with the employment issue facing you or your business. In small matters such as a contract review, a free consultation may be all you require as we can often determine if you need representation or if you can manage the issue on your own.

Legal Representation

If you require representation then our firm starts with a standard hourly rate to review any available evidence and give an opinion on the likelihood of success. It is at this point that we can provide options for ongoing fees and expenses for you to consider the best course of legal representation. The initial file review is often no more than $1,500 plus taxes and expenses, depending on the amount of evidence to be reviewed.


For employees, the most important thing is to consider the most cost-effective method of getting reasonable compensation for the loss of your job. The type of compensation varies according to the venue and type of claim and we will consider all options to help you. In appropriate cases, we will consider accepting our fees based upon a contingency percentage of your claimed damages after we have had an ability to review the available documents and assess the potential defenses. The percentage will vary according to the amount of work required and the potential damages available. At all times, we keep our fees transparent and clear for our clients.


For employers, the most important thing is to cost effectively protect your business’ reputation and reduce its likelihood for exposure to law suits. We can help businesses be proactive with standard contracts for your employees as well as being an educated person to evaluate reasons for dismissal and the value of any severance. If you have already dismissed an employee and are facing litigation, then we will develop a budget for the defense of the case as well as the likelihood of success. All options are considered for you to reduce the potential exposure to damages and the expense of the litigation, allowing you to make the best decision possible for your business.

Your Free Consultation

Again, the process starts with a consultation where we can begin to discuss your situation. We encourage you to contact us to book your consultation right away.

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