Physical & Sexual Assault: Litigation & Settlement Services

Resolving a claim for historical sexual assault, harassment or physical abuse is a deeply distressing and painstaking journey for the victim.

A civil action is one means by which a survivor may seek compensation. While no amount of money can provide solace or restitution, it is the only means available through the civil justice system to redress the harm done and hold those accountable in the eyes of the justice system.

Sexual assault and harassment cases can raise unique issues, sometimes including:

  • Past drug or alcohol abuse
  • Failure to complete school
  • Failed relationships with family members and/or spouses and children
  • Other elements of personal conduct or substance dependencies

Sometimes, institutions may be held liable for breach of their duty to protect the vulnerable in their care.

Survivors of sexual assault come from all races, cultures, ages and genders. The only motivating factor is the need of the survivor to heal and move forward with dignity.

Hutchison Oss-Cech Marlatt can assist survivors of sexual assault, harassment and abuse through what can be a difficult and often insensitive legal process.

We are here to help.