Employment law is fundamentally about a contractual relationship between an employer and an employee. Whether the contract is verbal or in writing, both employers and employees have legal obligations that can arise out of the contracts and impact the existing relationship and how it comes to an end.

As a result, each employer and employee should ideally have a written contract that sets out the exact terms and expectations before employment starts. This ensures that everyone knows what their expectations are and how to manage the relationship moving forward.

At Hutchison Oss-Cech Marlatt, we have multiple lawyers with experience drafting employment contracts that can be tailored to your exact needs. These can include drafting standard form employment contracts for use with multiple employees, individualized contracts for senior executives, employment policies for the agency, and tailored employment documents for the business’ needs.

Employment contracts are also used to create predictable results when employment comes to an end. Did you know that employment contracts can be used to limit an employer’s risk in terminating an employee’s job because they can include clauses that limit the amount of compensation the employee is entitled to and set out clear expectations for performance?

Clear and enforceable employment contracts are important to ensure your business has cost certainty with its employees.  We know the specific legal parameters that employment contracts must fit within to be enforceable and ensure that the agreement that was entered into is legal and binding. Give us a call.

Are you an employee that wants a second opinion on the contract and what you could ask for or what is permissible in a contract? We know what is permissible and what is not in an employment contract and can give you guidance when negotiating your next deal.

Give us a call because we know employment law!