ICBC Lawyers & Settlements

ICBC is the prominent public insurer for motor vehicle matters and contrary to popular belief, does not represent your interests in a tort claim or settlement when you are injured in a motor vehicle accident.

At Hutchison Oss-Cech Marlatt our ICBC settlement lawyers provide you an advantage when dealing with car, motorcycle, bicycle and pedestrian settlements as well as issues involving minor to severe injuries and wrongful death.

Our ICBC Injury lawyers have the knowledge and experience to handle all aspects of your ICBC injury claim and help you gain fair ICBC settlements through negotiation, mediation or trial.

Vehicle Accident Compensation

Compensation for motor vehicle accidents is a more complicated matter than it might at first seem and may require the expertise of ICBC claims lawyers. There are benefits available for temporary wage loss, home keeping and transportation and other out of pocket expenses, in appropriate circumstances.

Whether or not you are at fault in an accident, there are benefits available to you under the “no-fault” provisions. Collecting your ICBC injury claim entitlement under this law is sometimes quite a challenge.

Our ICBC Lawyers will work to resolve your ICBC injury claim without a trial if possible. Our ICBC Lawyers will propose a settlement, meet with adjusters on appropriate cases and take the matter to mediation (again, in appropriate cases).

In all cases, our ICBC lawyers are trial ready at an early stage in the proceedings in order to protect your interest before a court of law.

Our ICBC Claims Lawyers can help you achieve:

  • Maximum cash recovery
  • Funding for medical and rehabilitation services
  • Funding for retraining
  • Future wage loss replacement
  • Wage replacement
  • Future care costs

We also offer our advance program, which allows you to concentrate on healing rather than dealing with financial stress.

Were You in a Car Accident?

Resolving ICBC Settlements for a car accident settlement can be a very complex process. There is most often an insurer (sometimes ICBC, sometimes another insurance company), although there may be no insurer at all.

Reasonable ICBC settlements can cover unforeseen expenses which may include pain and suffering, the cost of medical rehabilitation treatment or equipment, surgical procedures, transportation and out of pocket expenses. Highly experienced car accident lawyers can also successfully claim for your incurred wage loss, loss of future opportunities, business losses including future wage loss and the cost of future care.

These costs can often exceed the amount of ICBC settlements or insurance coverage available. And frequently, there is a liability issue as to who exactly was at fault for the collision. It may ultimately have been a combination of two or more individuals, or perhaps even an uncontrollable “act of god.”

Whether you were a driver, passenger, a pedestrian, or the operator of a motorcycle or bicycle, our ICBC claims lawyers can help you obtain ICBC settlements through a motor vehicle accident claim.

Our extensive experience in motor vehicle accident settlements and dealing with all aspects of ICBC and related injury claims can give you the advantage when dealing with a complicated claim process.

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