Areas of Practice & Legal Services

Hutchison Oss-Cech Marlatt is a full-service law firm located in beautiful Victoria, BC specializing in supporting you in situations that have resulted in some manner of personal injury.

While personal injury claims make up the core of our litigation services, we also support people and business seeking assistance with environmental law, corporate law, estate planning, family law, medical malpractice and small claims. We support a great deal more areas of practice, however, we do not work with Criminal Law. We have developed our compassionate and supportive practice and offer the skills and experience of our team through a comprehensive and collaborative program.

Personal Injury Claims & Settlements

Below are some core areas of practice that fall within our personal injury support services.

Our unique team approach allows us to access the very best resources for each individual client. Our system has proven highly successful!

Visit the list on the left for an overview of the Areas of Practice we offer at our firm.