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This post is continuing our series on the role of human rights legislation in British Columbia law. Between April 1, 2020, and March 31, 2021, the BC Human Rights Tribunal had disability cited as the ground of discrimination in 44% of cases filed with the Tribunal. An issue that arises in nearly every case of […]

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It is often said that there are no rights unless there is a remedy for the breach of that right. In British Columbia, the BC Human Rights Code sets out rights of individuals to be protected from discrimination in a variety of different settings, including employment, housing, and services generally available to the public.

Discrimination occurs when an individual suffers an adverse consequence that is related to a protected characteristic (e.g., race, gender, disability, religion, or family status). Most people are capable of identifying at least on a superficial level whether they have suffered discrimination. However, people have trouble identifying are the available remedies under the Human Rights Code for discrimination. In this blog post, we hope to identify some of the common remedies sought from the British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal. Read more

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Getting fired or “let go” from an employer is not a pleasant scenario. This is especially the case if an employer fails to abide by their legal obligations. This post will address wrongful dismissals and the process for filing claims. Please see below for more details on what constitutes a valid wrongful dismissal claim (and what does not), as well as some details to keep in mind for anyone thinking about submitting such a claim.

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